Honest 7 Figure Franchise Review With REAL Member Results…

The Seven Figure Franchise has made well over a million dollars for franchisees to date, and the sales just keep coming in.

This success can be attributed to many reasons, but the whole thing is primarily due to the fact that Michael made it an initiative to sell the product on his own.

While some people create PLR products purely to sell to other resellers, Michael has built his business by selling information products to people looking to improve their financial situation.

His products do need to bring in a continuous stream of profits for that matter, and as such, they will have to convert and deliver.

His customers now profit from merely promoting his products, the best of which now comprise the Seven Figure Franchise.

7 Figure Franchise Bonuses

Although Michael is offering plenty of training and guidance, members-slash-marketers of the program will get some nice bonus materials.

You ought to grab those bonuses and enjoy their benefits while you can, as this can easily add value to what you paid for.

However, you should be cautious when going for a particular bonus offer. You really don’t need to grab more just because you want to get more. You will easily waste some precious physical memory if you avail of offers you do not really need. You may even end up not working on the franchise, as the information may end up overwhelming you and turning you off.

That said, be sure to simply opt for the bonuses that will complement your 7 Figure Franchise business.

Here is where you can find a great Seven Figure Franchise bonus package that does just that:

What You Get #1:

One of the questions people ask about the 7 figure franchise is whether they need to have their own site, own hosting, own autoresponder etc.

That will be both a yes and a no.

First off, they’re not really that needed for this program. All of these are pretty much be covered by Michael’s materials.

You should, however, be wise enough to build your list, as this will maximize the profit you earn from your personal pages and the ones that promote Michael’s offers.

Once you start building your own list, you’re going to want to email them in order to earn more commissions from them.

Michael’s got you covered here too – he’s going to give you an exclusive license to use all of his past, present and future email campaigns for your own use.

These are proven campaigns that earned Michael about $7 million, and you can even use them for products outside of the program.

What You Get #2:

Michael will provide personal assistance.

Michael knows that there are going to be people from all kinds of experience levels joining the Seven figure franchise and some people are going to need more help than others.

A 30-day consultancy with Michael is thus set up to address this before it becomes a problem. This way you can communicate directly with him (at his personal email address) so that you can spend the first 30 days really focussed on the right methods to get results fast.

Of course even after the 30 days are up, you’ll still have access to his dedicated support team to help you with anything else you need along the way.

What You Get #3:

Beyond the money making potential of promoting the products in the 7 figure franchise, Michael has also included some training that shows you his exact blueprint for making a million dollars a year online.

The training is recorded privately in Scotland, and here, you will get to see how Michael has built his seven-digit business while still being able to spend time with his family and do leisurely activities.

Michael will show you how to make a seven digit income within five to six hours, and not over 50 hours a week as others would love to suggest.

What You Get #4:

You will access all of Michael’s available offers. This might not be much until you realize that each of these can easily cost five thousand bucks. In addition to everything else listed above, when you join the 7 figure franchise Michael is going to give you access to every digital product he’s ever created.

Even if this was the only element that franchisees got, it would still be great value compared to the price paid for membership to the franchise.

I should give you a warning though… Each of Michael’s products is jam-packed with information, and you can easily overwhelm yourself as you go through one.

If you’re relatively new to online marketing, the best way to use the franchise is to simply follow the ‘getting started’ training that Michael provides so that you can begin to make sales as soon as possible. This training will give you enough knowledge and confidence to apply what you have learned to products that you will soon receive.

What You Get #5:

The first thousand of your visitors will not cost you.

Naturally, you will need to find buyers to make money with Michael’s products. For many people starting with the seven figure franchise the topic of getting website traffic is going to be a little new to them and it’s something that can stump a lot of people. In fact, some can’t just help but give up on Internet marketing just because they can’t get quality traffic that will bite into their offers.

To help guarantee your success, and fast, Michael is going to give you exclusive insider access to his traffic training that will help you get your first 1000 visitors for free.

Shortly after you have started with this training, you will be able to employ the traffic generation strategies that you have learned and make some profit on the same day. (While it is possible to get sales the same day, it is likely that it could take you a couple of days in reality depending on how quickly you implement, and what time of day you get access etc).

What You Get #6:

If you are a franchisee in the Seven Figure Franchise, you get to promote Michael’s products, and then keep the full profit in your PayPal account. You can choose to promote just one of these products, and a campaign promoting all of Michael’s products will drive leads to your promotion.

What You Get #7:

There are many other bonuses, including:

– Free traffic will be yours with the help from traffic expert.

You’ll get Michael’s traffic expert working on your campaign for a full 60 minutes to kick start your traffic and promote your franchise link on high profile search engines and websites.

– Get Facebook traffic fast.

Michael will show you the same methods he used to pull in over $171,000 in sales from facebook traffic. Almost $6,000 have been paid by his old clients just to learn this bit of info.

– Traffic that will earn you money.

You’ll be learning of a speedy way to get traffic that will actually bring in profits. Simply watch the training videos and follow along to start getting all the free traffic you’ll need.

What You Get #8:

Another huge benefit to the 7 Figure Franchise is that members can also earn $1000 commissions from the integrated high ticket program that’s part of every single funnel in 7 figure franchise.

This product has been designed to be as newbie-friendly as possible, and Michael has been aiming exactly for this.

High ticket programs often have information that will teach you just what to do to achieve this. Unfortunately, this is just not possible for most people. Instead, Michael’s program gives you something that’s proven to work already so that you can start getting commissions as soon as possible.

This program maximizes your profit through an array of evergreen funnels, all of which are designed such that whoever wishes to know more about the Seven Figure Franchise is subjected to an email sequence spanning nine weeks.

Your 7 Figure Franchise Guarantee

The Seven Figure Franchise will come with a rather generous double money back guarantee. That is, if you follow the training and don’t get results with it, he’ll not only refund you but he will also pay you back double your money.

Obviously you have to put in the effort to make the program work for you – you can’t just go binge on the Game of Thrones boxset and then expect to get double your money back.

Arguably, it takes balls to put a double money back guarantee on an information product, and is almost unheard of elsewhere.

The only reason Michael can offer this is that he knows just how well it works. This confidence is something that can easily be proven by the various documentations from many of the program’s current members, as well as the payouts handed over to Michael’s affiliates.

That you’d still get paid even if the program has not benefited you is perhaps the worst thing that could happen when trying out this program. In this program, it’s either you get to earn money, or you get paid back twice if this program does not lead you to success. This surely is a fair deal, isn’t it?

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